Xi'an High-tech Zone CITY CORE Development and Construction Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the CITY CORE Company) was established in July 2018. It is a market-oriented body responsible for the development and operation of the Silk Road Science City area, approved by the Party Working Committee of High-tech Zone, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xi'an High-tech Holdings Co.

The CITY CORE Company has a registered capital of RMB 1 billion, total assets of approximately RMB 20 billion by the end of 2022, 10 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 2 holding companies, 1 equity participation company and 291 employees in service.The business covers infrastructure development and construction, real estate development, housing sales, property management services, industrial investment and land development, forming a "1+3" life-cycle business system based on urban construction, industrial operation, urban services, finance and trade and investment, and building a three-wheel drive operation model based on urban development and construction, driven by platform operation and supported by the integration of regional management services, with five core advantages of strong government support, obvious platform advantages, broad business areas, outstanding innovation capabilities and strong backbone.After more than four years of rapid development, the company has developed into an innovative state-owned enterprise with diversified businesses and a clear model, and is gradually growing into an innovative urban development service provider with core competencies that is well-known in the province and the country as a whole, with the corporate mission of "creating a quality city and a good life".