Industrial clusters

In line with the development strategy of the Silk Road Science City, City Living Room Company takes the promotion of industrial development as the fundamental basis, carrying out construction and operation management of science and technology parks, industrial parks, functional parks and commercial projects in the region, and providing corresponding value-added services to lay a good foundation for the sustainable development of regional industries.

With the Central Innovation Zone as the core, the company has been "making innovative breakthroughs and hardcore attacks", and has built key projects at the municipal and district levels, such as the Hitomi of the Future - Hitomi series of buildings, the Yong'an Ditch business and cultural district, the Xi'an International Cultural Communication Centre, the Silk Road Creative Valley, the Silk Road Creative Valley Financial Centre, and the High-tech Unicorn Enterprise Creation Centre, to promote the creative transformation and innovative development of the Silk Road Science City industry, forging the soul of a high-quality city and empowering high-quality development.