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Company Profile

Xi'an High-Tech Zone Chuang Service Environmental Engineering Co.

Ltd. was established in 2021 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xi'an High and New Technology District Urban Living Room Development and Construction Co. The company is committed to becoming an industry-leading, socially trusted, intelligent and efficient city operation service provider by empowering city management with "technology+".

The company actively opens up its development ideas, expands the extension of its main business, enhances its core competitiveness, integrates "four main businesses - greening maintenance, municipal operation and maintenance, public construction property and sanitation inspection" into one industrial group, establishes a construction system with urban services as the core, and takes "making the city more beautiful, intelligent management more efficient and people more at ease" as its mission, and fully participates in the new journey of urban development and construction in Xi'an High-tech Zone.

The company will continue to improve the level of specialisation and information management development capabilities, and is committed to providing specialised, systematic and high-quality public service solutions for urban environment enhancement and functional perfection, building a brand of Chuang Service Operation, improving comprehensive operation and service capabilities, and becoming a leading urban operation service provider in the industry.

Core business

  • Greening and maintenance segment
  • Inspection of sanitation boards.
  • Public Property Sector.
  • Municipal O&M segment.
  • Responsible for the construction and maintenance of the green environment of the municipal road side green belts, machine non belt greenery, street trees, parks, landscaping and other greenery in the area.

    By 2022, this segment will undertake the greening maintenance business of the sponge city park and Liangjiatan International Community Sports Park in the district, as well as the side green belt greening construction projects of Chang'an Park Public Green Belt, Chang'an Park Pocket Park, Weixi Road, Weixi Road and Planning Road 14, with a greening maintenance and construction area of approximately 300,000 square metres, and will continue to improve the quality of the greening environment in the district as the company continues to improve its greening maintenance technical management system.

  • Responsible for the inspection and management of roads, public facilities, public sanitation and the construction of public sanitation facilities in the district.

    By 2022, this segment will be responsible for the cleaning of 27 roads, including Planning Road 6, Planning Road 16, Jingxiang Road 20, Jingxiang Road 16, Ling Feng Dong Road and Ling Yun Road 1.

  • It is responsible for the property management of public buildings in the district, and will soon undertake the office property projects of the International Cultural Communication Centre, the Yong'an Ditch commercial and cultural district, the Sponge City Park, the Daren Heritage Park and the Silk Road Creative Valley, with a total service area of approximately 700,000 square metres. In the future, the company will take "technology-enabled, intelligent property" as its guide to create intelligent engineering management, security management, environmental management services and customer services, and continue to improve the quality of property management services in the district.

  • It is responsible for the operation and maintenance of municipal roads, municipal infrastructure and municipal lighting projects in the area, and combines internet technology to create a smart operation and management platform to continuously improve the level of operation and maintenance of municipal roads and municipal facilities in the area. In the future, this section of the business will take over the operation and maintenance of about 800,000 square metres of municipal roads in the Gao Xin Silk Road Science City area.

Joint Ventures

  • Xi'an High-tech Zone Chuangshu Municipal Operation Co.
  • Xi'an High-Tech Zone Chuang-Service Green City Property Services Co.
  • Ltd. was established in 2022 as a joint venture between Xi'an High and New Technology District City Living Room Development and Construction Co.

    Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the principles of "long-term orientation and focus, complementary advantages and resource sharing, open cooperation and collaborative innovation", and has taken on the role of a state-owned enterprise with strict requirements, always emphasising the importance of standardised operations.

    The company focuses on the specialization and wisdom of urban municipal infrastructure and comprehensive supporting services, and focuses on the objectives of "specialization of municipal maintenance, standardization of supporting supervision, orderly urban traffic, beautiful city appearance, and standardization of supervision and assessment", establishing unified urban refinement management standards, forming a systematic and efficient management system, comprehensively strengthening regional urban refinement management, and effectively enhancing regional urban development.

  • Ltd. was established in 2022 as a joint venture between Xi'an High and New Technology District City Living Room Development and Construction Company Limited, Xi'an High and New Technology District Creative Services Environmental Engineering Company Limited and Greentown Property Services Group.

    The company is a professional property service management company focusing on quality, the pursuit of excellence and the quality of service. With scientific management mode, professional and humane management methods, the company will create an advanced, reasonable property management institution that meets the actual needs of enterprises, realise the "people-oriented" property service concept, actively explore the value-added services of property management that are green, environmentally friendly and humane, and devote itself to the development of full quality and high quality, and will always continue to meet people's pursuit of ideal life and create a better life with the way of sincerity, profound skill and exquisite work.