Public Facilities

Improving urban functions and focusing on the needs of the masses, the City Living Room Company takes regional public construction support as a grip, vigorously promoting the construction of supporting facilities for science, education, culture, sports, health, public services and livelihood protection, and creating a platform for urban public construction services.

The company insists on enhancing both the environmental and social benefits of the city, and continues to fulfill its social responsibility by focusing on the construction of eight intelligent campuses, including Xi'an High-tech No. 1 Experimental Middle School (the new campus of High-tech No. 1 Middle School), Xi'an High-tech District No. 21 Primary School, four resettlement housing projects, including Dong Chao Village, Yuhua Zhai, Shuangqi Zhai and Zhou Song Xin Yuan in Xi'an High-tech District, as well as public construction projects, such as the underground space of the Silk Road International Metallurgical Center of the Feminine Core Core Core (the future hitomi), to provide better production and living facilities for the city and meet the high quality living needs of the public.